Lady Jacky


From now on you will only serve me, your only true, perfect BBW mistress Lady Jacky! From now on you only have to submit to ME and give yourself completely to me! You will immediately register on my homepage, if you have not already done so (free) and finally apply YOU as my little slave candidate! When you register you will receive a small gift from me, so that you can quickly and safely realize in your sparrow brain that I am the perfect BBW luxury goddess for you little loser! A free video clip is included.

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Finely made slave! Then we can go on!

You need the absolute brainfuck! A strong hand that guides you and shows you where to go! You just need the fuck in your sparrow brain that brings you to ecstasy! You need absolute, hard and intense control! You long for a horny teaser game from an arrogant, sadistic, playful, real and French GODDESS with curves! Very simple, you need ME! Without me, you are a worthless little dog who is unable to do anything! And that's why you're with me! Here on my homepage you will find everything you have always longed for! Awesome videos will give wings to your imagination. I am a goddess who loves to play with the slave in various facets. You will therefore find videos that cover different topics and areas!

My shop has many items and surprises! Whether hard contracts, horny and brain-churning pictures or blatant games, you will buy them over time because you can not help it. You want to bind yourself to me by contract and you will do it too. You want to make your goddess happy and show me your inferiority. I will keep you under my spell. You won't be able to do anything else anymore, because I only count for you and you can pay for me. I will continue to lead you into the whirlpool of dependency. I have some more features planned and will add them to my page gradually. For this reason alone you will always come back to my page.

Do you want to get in touch with your goddess? Are you even worthy of contact with me? Remember how a slave should behave, otherwise the contact will be ended quickly or depending on your mood it can be expensive for you.

You can reach me through my LiveChat. Or you call me on my hotline. My own 09005 number, without call center or forward! Do you dare?

You can buy and download my videos in my store or watch them online via my stream. All my items that are not digitally downloadable will be sent directly to you and will be with you within 3 working days! If the package cannot come to your home, you can enter your Packstation address. This will not be a problem!