Lady Jacky
Lady Jacky
Written on 30.03.2020 at 14:53 by Lady Jacky

The dream of every true slave, finally his life of a dominant, strict, unscrupulous, wonderful, curvy lady like me on my knees in my powerful hands ... What can I say slave, you now have the chance to finally sign a blackail contract to tie fully to your perfect goddess, Mistress Cashlady Jacky!


By concluding my contract, nothing will be the same as before! I mean, why should you want to live such a boring life as you do? That's where my blackmail contract comes in - the path to ownership isn't it right?


Finally being in a bond with a wonderful woman like me, isn't that your lucky day today?


Buy this blackmail contract, nothing can happen with the purchase ... but a little insight into my blackmail contract can finally touch you to take the first right step in your miserable life.


Finally become my property and finally live according to meaning, understanding and understanding, I will not let you down, I am exactly the right woman for you!


Lady Jacky
Written on 30.03.2020 at 14:40 by Lady Jacky

Here you can purchase my personal wanking pig contract with an additional small promissory note.


Finally wanking and spraying according to your lady's rules, but pushing his cock tax to his Divine Mistress ... simply divine!


In this contract, you pay a monthly amount to your mistress as a wanker. The term of the wanker pig contract and the attached small promissory note is 3 months. This must be set up again after 90 days.


When concluding my / our contract, you can jerk off and inject as often as you like until you accident! But only if you follow my rules in the jerk-off contract found ... Does your little dick twitch? Eggs filled to the brim? Then it's time to tie me and cum under my contract and control.


Lady Jacky
Written on 30.03.2020 at 13:40 by Lady Jacky

Finally you can tie me even more to me on your new homepage, your perfect goddess! Because I have just updated my promissory notes and made them available online for you. Awesome right? For you this means, of course, to select a suitable promissory note from my shop and to give yourself to me fully and clearly. The thought of being contracted with an absolute, dominant, curvy woman like me only makes you crazier and more willful. Your eggs literally burst, from your small, useless, disgusting tail it literally drips into your panties out of sheer lust. Your mistress knows exactly what you broke! I will guide you particularly close to my dominant leash! Buy a promissory note now and be guided by Mistress Lady-Jacky!