Lady Jacky


Have you always wanted your own personal fetish clip? A clip that is exactly tailored to your preferences, ideas and charms? Then it's time to let me know your wishes and put together the perfect fetish clip of your lady.

You can not only determine your fetishes what should happen in your dream Brainfuck clip! You can determine how long your clip should go. You can find out more here:

Do you like verbal humiliation?
Do you like Blackmail?
Are you into sissy education?
Or rather on money slavery, contracts, demonstrations and disgust training?
Then it is time to send your wishes, preferences and suggestions to your goddess!

Are you into cool outfits? This Vdeo just kicks you with a matching outfit? Then be aware that you are financially responsible for my outfit! Find your desired outfit on my Amazon wish list, which would kick you off me! Click here!

Do you have further ideas or ideas? Register on my homepage and write it to me in my chat!
Be aware that I do my own fetish and don't let myself be *******d to do things that I don't offer. Because in that case, I am not a service provider but share my fetish with you, i.e. it works according to my rules! When we're at rules, here are my rules so that you losers know what I'm doing and what I'm not!

Video wish clip fetish clip rules!

• It is not possible to integrate other slaves into the video - only I am active and can be seen in the video.

• tormenting living things

• active actions by me with faeces

• ******* and pain

• anything that violates applicable German law

My preferences:

• foot fetish

• Blackmail

• Promissory note, contracts

• Smoke fetish

• Sissy education

• Verbal humiliation

• ******* Instructions (education)

• Which education (instruction)

• BBW fetish worship (ass, tits (bra) etc.)

• Disgust training

• slave duties

• socks fetish

• Cuckolding and more.

Basically, you can freely determine the content, but I always base myself on the fact that your wishes must match my interests, preferences and inclinations in any case. I also reject certain things if I don't want to do something like that

I usually make a film within two to three weeks, depending on how much time I have at the moment. Those in a hurry and very impatient can choose a shorter production time for an additional charge.

How can a fetish wiship look like for me? - Here is an example:
Slave Wichser37 wants a film with dominant weighting instructions and with a lot of teasing with a length of about 10 minutes. His desired outfit is a wet look leggings and a pair of heels, plus a few chic black nylons. Wichser37 would like to be mentioned several times with his name, get tasks and finally a countdown where he can inject. Wichser37 also sends a few pictures of me that I keep showing in the camera to laugh at him. He would like his video to be downloaded.