Lady Jacky

DommeLine / Melk Hotline

When can I usually be reached on my Melk hotline?

So you can hardly wait to experience the goddess.

I can be reached every day. I only have time to devote myself to my luxury life. The best chances of meeting me, the goddess, at my milking station are from 3 p.m. until 3 a.m.

I am a natural mistress who lives out her dominance, which is why you have to call at other times. If I feel like it, you're lucky and I'll play with you.

What types of phone education do I particularly like?

I love to train my slaves, to brain-fuck them and to give amusing, humiliating instructions. You are a sissy or want to become one, then you are exactly right with me. You want to lose control. Put your life in the hands of a goddess and feel how I have your balls in my hands, why you have to do everything. Then you are exactly right with me.

I have a lot of experience with small puppets who do everything for me because I want it and consequently refuse it. Disgust? What are you disgusting with? I will take your disgust and train you accordingly.

Do you think you jerk too much?

Control over your little little mini-cock failure should be with me? I have to agree with you, because such a little tail belongs locked up and the key to me.

I will control you and woe you free the stub. You only have to unlock your pathetic stub under my company. I will explain on the phone how you can free him and what you have to do. If you do not call, you will probably have a problem at some point, because you can only free your little one by phone. No call - then the "little one" remains locked up. Very easily!

You won't find yourself in my favorite upbringing, then you should definitely call, after all, I know a lot more upbringing.

Do I like it when slaves stay on the line as long as possible?

Do you dare?

Of course i love it! I love it when slaves call me and stay on the line for hours to be dominated by me and listen to my dominant, attractive voice! The longer the line and the more calls, the better for the divine lady! It is fun to feel how the slaves can no longer come loose and I play with them. I just love to point out to the slave how often he has called me and how many minutes I used to get his cell phone bill up! Pure amusement and humiliation! It just excites me to see that there are good slaves who keep calling on my line because they can never get enough of me and are simply mercilessly delivered to me and my breathtaking voice. I only say absolute brainfucking!

Is it also possible to see me on the phone while on the phone?

Do you want to see the goddess on the phone?

Then call my number and listen to my voice. To see me, just click on my messenger button, connect, pull the trigger and admire me on my HD Quality Cam. It is possible for me because I do not work in a call center and my number belongs to me. You will only speak to me. Dare and call. You can't get away from me anyway. Fulfill your slave soul's wish and look forward to it.