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Loser FAQ

What is Findom❓

FinDom is short for Financial Domination. The definition of this is that submissive men give gifts and money to a financial dominatrix, or FinDomme for short, without expecting anything. The benefits for the lady are based on deep admiration and admiration. FinDom fetish is created by the money slave's urge to be controlled by the Findomme in all possible ways. It is about giving up power and feeling the feeling of being extradited or feeling powerless. Pure financial submission exists when a money slave voluntarily restricts his own needs in order to be able to give the findomme more gifts. All of this without expecting a return from the lady.

What is a Findomme❓

The Findomme (mistress) is the owner of the money slave with all her influence and power. A Findomme is also called Financial Dominatrix, Financial Domme, Financial Dom, Financial Dominant or Financial Mistress and humiliates its money slave by receiving tributes in the form of gifts or money.

The financially submissive slave gives her total power over his money. With this power of disposal, she alone defines the sum that the slave is entitled to for his living, e.g. in the form of a weekly allowance.

This is where the FinDomme's erotic and humiliating ability comes into play. Uninformed people often mis-define FinDom because superficial reading about financial dominance fetish makes it seem light-headed. Women who ask for money and men who willingly pay. This superficial assessment devalues ​​the concept because it is very serious and requires a lot of psychology. Because not every woman is good enough to be a responsible, assertive and seductive find.

What is a money slave❓

Many Findom slaves or financially submissive men (finsub, usually also referred to as paypig, moneyslave, cashcow, payslave, humanATM etc.) pay monthly, weekly or even daily tributes in the form of gifts or money to their financial dom (mistress) if this is required, or even better if the slave considers it to be necessary. It is also common for a money slave to regularly pay the lady expenses, so he pays for her e.g. the cell phone costs, the hairdresser visits, the rent, beautiful high heels, hot outfits etc.

There are also money slaves who are in debt for the wellbeing of their dominant mistress, e.g. sign a promissory note contract in favor of the lady and then pay it off in a predetermined manner. I personally especially love the ATM game when my submissive money slave is used as humanATM and is thus degraded to a mere object. I simply tell him via WhatsApp, Skype or the LiveChat on my homepage: “Hello ATM. I come to withdraw money "He then behaves like a willless machine. I then enter the PIN and as soon as I have withdrawn my money (which he sent by bank transfer or PayPal), his function and my attention to him end. The Above all, the financial slave wants his goddess to live like a queen, even if he has to make financial sacrifices to reach the end of the month. The well-being of the lady is at the center of his thoughts and actions. The money slave really sees his cathedral as a goddess and praises it them as such.

BDSM FinDom❓

Fin-Dom is a variant of dominance / submission games. When we think of BDSM (bondage, domination, submission, sadism and masochism), we usually think of ropes and whips first.

But there are disciplines - like BDSM FinDom - in which there is not even a real visual or even physical contact. You only pay to get a tiny bit of my attention.

The financial fetish is widespread in Anglo-Saxon countries such as the USA and Great Britain, as well as in Germany.

Are Findom games illegal❓

Of course not! Everything that happens is mutually agreed. It is the money slaves themselves who come to see me and beg me to beg them to exempt them financially. Findom is only between adults. Finally, the money slaves receive my attention and the excitement they feel with the foreign financial rule as a reward.

In order not to commit unlawful acts, it is an imperative for my money slaves to sign a Findom contract (= promissory note) by confirming in writing that they carry out all practices voluntarily.

Mistress and extortion

Sometimes FinDomming is associated with a blackmail fetish by the money slave. The extortion BDSM fetishism (he is one of my favorites) brings the extortion slave into even greater submission by ******* the slave to pay tribute to his dominatrix, at the risk of using confidential information. If he does not comply with this, this confidential information will be e.g. used an email to his boss or a phone call with his wife to ultimately expose, humiliate, humiliate him.

The whole thing is not illegal, since these acts happen with the explicit consent of the slave. There is always a Findom extortion contract that regulates these things and legally secures the FinDomme.

Types of Financial Dominance

There are many different ways to serve a mistress, be it in a particular way or in different combinations:

✔️Gift gifts, preferably from the
Lady's wish list

✔️Money gifts, also of a smaller type, for
Lingerie, manicure, hairdressing, etc.

✔️Assumption of invoices from
money mistress

✔️Pay for rent, food,
my travels or for everything i am in
order large quantities

✔️ Give me your credit card so I can use it for
use my purposes

✔️ Serve as HumanATM / ATMs

✔️ Give me power of attorney over all of yours
Finance, with which I use all your money
manage and you in small monthly
Allocate amounts as I see fit consider

✔️ Cash and go meeting or serve me as shopping slave