Lady Jacky


How much do you adore me

Show me how much you adore me. Show me how much you value my precious time, my work here and my brainfucking projects! I am the only TRUE mistress in your life and that's why you will give me gifts accordingly! Your hard-earned money just suits me better than you and deep down inside you know that the money is mine! There's only one reason you need the money - to make me happy. From now on you will forego luxury and put all of this at my feet! I can use your money much more wisely. So come on, little one! Tribute and great gifts to me!

You adore me, adore me, love me and adore me! I am sitting very deep in your thoughts and you can no longer detach yourself.

Send me gifts through my Amazon account! You have the choice, either with an Amazon gift voucher and send it to me personally in my LiveChat if you dare! I love it when my slaves use the code in LiveChat! send and I see it immediately. If you are lucky and your gift suits me, I will respond directly to the gift. You can already feel your excitement at the thought of entering the code and receiving an answer from me. Give your slave heart a push and make me happy.

Go to my Amazon wishlist, because there you can also see clothes that your goddess is wearing. Look at the list. You will see me mentally before your eyes with these clothes and you will think of me. You will definitely imagine what I'll do when I wear these clothes. How I drive you crazy, take control of you or how I make fun of your little one. Do you recognize yourself again? Or did you have completely different fantasies while exploring my wishlist? Write me your fantasies - trust yourself, even if your fantasy is so unusual, after all I want to get to know my slaves.

Put the outfit of your imagination in the shopping cart and send it on the journey to me. Then write me your fantasy that you had with you. If I like your imagination, maybe you can see me in this exact outfit in one of my next clips. Maybe I'll use your imagination for myself on this video.

A suitable voucher can make a fantasy more interesting for me.

All your gifts from Amazon from my wish-list will be sent directly to me! No detours, no fake addresses!

You can't go fast enough to show me your admiration, then I'll allow you to send a tribute directly through my page. Follow your destiny and send a tribute directly via Send Tribute. You will feel more comfortable afterwards.