Lady Jacky

Your Mistress Lady Jacky

I am 100% real!

Should you still have doubts about my authenticity, you can use my numerous video clips, photo albums, Facebook profile, Twitter profile or simply enter my name in the browser and convince Google (Cashlady Jacky / Moneymistress Jacky) that I am absolutely real and real ! If you still have doubts about it, load a small amount as coin / s and visit me in my LiveCam! Then you will also be sure that I am really completely real!
Now you can finally pursue your destiny and kneel down at the feet of the Absolute, Perfect, BBW Lady!

So that you know small, useless number whore with which sublime mistress you sow ended up, here is some information about me! Your day of honor will be May 13th! REMEMBER IT VERY WELL! I have long red hair and will show you your place with my 1,65cm! I have intense, shining, green eyes that will captivate you. They will ******* you and awaken in you the longing to be bound to me forever and no longer be able to solve! Is that what kicks you?

What you should know little whore? I love shoes! In high heels I need shoe size 40. I also have a shoe size of 40 in Chucks, Airmax and Balla`s! In boots I have a shoe size of 40/41, which you would definitely like to feel. Next to my feet are your little dirty thoughts with my curves. I hope the thoughts are about buying a suitable lingerie? So that you don't give me the wrong size, I will tell you my cup size. My cup size is between 105D and 105DD depending on how the bra is cut. What you should know: My favorite colors are black, green purple (like purple notes * laughing *) and everything that is gold. That is enough for you loser. Now you have an idea how you can make your goddess happy.

I am a young, dominant, sexy, curvy, educated, sadistic, selfish, arrogant, stylish, dominant, luxurious, impatient, strict, relentless and discreet mistress / moneydom.

I discovered my dominant streak early on and started living it out at a very young age of 13. For almost 8 years I have been a wonderful and successful BBW mistress / fetish lady. I particularly like to raise my slaves to obedient pay whores, sissies, panting nooses, disgusting slaves and pain objects. Both online and real.

My preferences: Cash & Go; Foot sessions, blackmail, promissory note, disgust training, trampling, humiliation, ballbusting, bondage, egg torture, torture, sissy training and education, general education, arousal and refusal, feminization, CBT and toilet training.

I am a very dangerous lady who knows exactly what she wants and always achieves her goals. There is nothing better for YOU to submit to a beautiful, strict BBW lady and feel where your future place will be. I'm right? You failure!

Are you wondering where your place will be in the future? I can quickly tell you where it will be: Of course, under my adorable feet!

Your place where you will be working, living, sleeping, dreaming, suffering, eating, breathing and handing over your hard earned money to me is of course under my feet you little bug! Where else?

What will you be responsible for? For my complete life style! You mustn't just pay for everything and pay well! Rather, you will become part of my life style and will always be there (if you submit and know how to offer yourself as a true pay slave).

WHAT WILL YOU GET? Are you asking yourself this in all seriousness? What is a little pathetic, useless, ugly, fat, disgusting, small tail carrier and idiot like you want to be big !?
If you prove yourself, you will get a little bit of my attention.

What I love and live out!

✔️Moneyslavery (Financial Domination
✔️Contracts: Blackmail, slave contract, other promissory note
✔️Ballbusting / CBT

✔️Humiliation / humiliation / demonstration

✔️Electro Play

✔️Dick training



✔️Trampling / Crushing

✔️Foot fetish / shoe fetish

✔️DWT / feminization / sissy education / whore training

✔️Latex / leather / lacquer / wet look

✔️Play psycho

✔️NS, KV

✔️Hospital / needles / Injectables
✔️Urethral stretching
✔️Fixierung / Sensory deprivation
✔️Smoke fetish
✔️Humiliation humiliation