Lady Jacky
5 days of extremely dirty slip!
5 days of extremely dirty slip!

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Well my little addiction cunt! Today I offer you an extreme, dirty scented slip! 5 days I wore my old panties for you little sniff cunt! Do you see my traces that I left for you pathetic mutt in my panties? Not only did I leave my disgusting fishy smell for you, but you can also receive my chocolate strips with your tongue over my panties, with the sweet piss smell and my divine cunt slime you can nibble a few sperm dripping out my lovers yuumi, right? The only thing you are entitled to fuck failure, a disgusting, worn and worn-in panty of your mistress, for that you tinker nicely and are grateful! Now watch that this divine panty goes into your shopping cart very soon, these dirty panties will be beautiful under your sniff nose!