Lady Jacky
[4k] The game starts! Chastity day 1/7
[4k] The game starts! Chastity day 1/7

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Your useless little meatball is now being captured by me! You're not worth jerking off and running your disgusting, unnecessary juice on the keyboard. You should concentrate on more important things such as how you can really serve me, sacrifice yourself and for me your absolute, perfect mistress far beyond your limit. We will play now, I will keep you chaste until all my 7 clips are on your PC. I will irritate you, destroy you, give you an orgasm through your cage and ruin it for you with joy. You will follow my orders, admire and adore me ... you will withstand my temptation, my intimate positions! Only I have the key to your lust and we do not want this key to end up in the toilet! You won't wank, maybe you can tickle a feather for me along your cage but be aware that I'll ruin all your orgasms until the day I give your little, disgusting, pathetic, failing cock .... Hahahaha what did you think Do you dare to play with me? Can you resist a row of clips this time? Can you prove to me that you are not an absolute failure? Hold on 7 Brain-Fucking Loserporns! Your chastity now begins!