Lady Jacky
At foot boot slave - boot mistress welcomes you!
At foot boot slave - boot mistress welcomes you!

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Finally the time has come! Finally a place is free for you in my slave stable as my boot slave. Since my last slave was the absolute failure and idiot, I unfortunately had to punish him for leaving my stable, after which I am still very angry and hope for more performance, more perfection and no mistakes from you otherwise you will not get out Stay flight, no! But you will be tortured by me to the end of your days and suffer properly. I love gorgeous, unique, dominant, and neutral boots more than you could ever love for anything ... so my specimens are my babies! I entrust them to you and I hope you know how to deal with them ... what your tasks will be and how you have to carry out your task, you will find out here. Admire me in my new, sexy boots and apply to me as my boot slave.