Lady Jacky
Become our #Fick leftovers bucket!
Become our #Fick leftovers bucket!

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You gave up long ago ... gave up feeling like a real man. To think that you have a well-stocked cock in your pants to satisfy beautiful, intelligent, attractive women with it ... But this only happened in your imagination. Everything around you changed, you became more and more submissive from day to day, in your life not everything went according to your plan. Your wife was a stranger to you, she paid no attention to you ... You should be promoted after 10 years of hard work. But your young colleague grabbed your seat right under your nose. Bills pile up and no woman on earth pays attention to you. But then you met me and turned from an alpha man into a miserable little sperm gobbler. You have found your place, your status. Now you think it's cool to be a failure, to be allowed to serve me and to taste the juice of a real man, the juice of a winner. You will serve us more intensively from now on! You will buy our Fickeste and work your way to several dirty games! Become our rubbish bin!