Lady Jacky
PoV: I cheated on you Cucki!
PoV: I cheated on you Cucki!

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How about the idea that you would be my failure in marriage, we've been married for 10 years and you still don't get ripped off your ridiculous pisser to satisfy me as your wife! It is really no wonder that I confess my unfaithfulness to you today! And not only that, you can even find out who I fucked with and how awesome it was! Since you just wear a ridiculous 8 cm in your pants, I am especially fine with big, fat, black cocks ... what do you hope for from me? I'm only with you because you at least bring good money home, nothing more, just look at you ... even my heel is longer than your Princess Sofia hahaha But hey baby, I know how you can save our marriage, you have no other choice anyway! If I would leave you, you would lose everything for the sole reason that you will see me from now on as I let your colleagues fuck me! And look, I know it ridiculously arouses you! Useless husband, you're my cuckoo now!