Lady Jacky
#StinkySale 1. My broken latex pants
#StinkySale 1. My broken latex pants

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Today you get a very special copy! My smelly, broken latex pants! I wore my latex pants for 2 years and it was used well. I wore them privately, at sessions and in some clips, they were my favorite pants. She had formed perfectly on my divine body and brought out my divine, addictive gorgeous ass, she made my wonderful, curvy body an absolute eye-catcher! But now, my latex pants are gone! She is completely in the ass! the paint is now dissolving everywhere, you can see very strong signs of wear and the scent of the pants can no longer be put into words. I have previously entered my favorite pants for you so that the scent of your mistress remains intense! Check out this awesome clip and become the buyer of your dreams! You cannot be close enough to your mistress with this copy! You will make me a fair offer and make me happy! Because your mistress needs a new favorite latex / wetlook pants! Pay the Clip and Deserve, Loser!