Lady Jacky
Tail LockDown!
Tail LockDown!

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Are you ready to amuse and amuse your mistress? I hope so! Because soon you will have nothing more to laugh about! At the moment we live in an absolute lockdown in which we can no longer do what was simply taken for granted for us! Visiting friends and family members without restrictions as well as an endless number of leisure activities that are of course no longer to be visited! You're already getting broken on the inside and looking for meaning! Who would have thought? Of course I have become all the more your meaning in your miserable life but now the evil in me is coming to light! You are looking to serve me and try to please me in some points, but unfortunately you are only busy jerking your puny slave cock from morning to night into the night! Are we honest? You have never waxed so often on your cock as now in the last few days and weeks! And that will soon be over! I as your mistress will lock you in an additional lockdown! Lockdown the tail! From February 1st until Easter you will keep your tail completely locked in the KG, in addition you will send me all your keys or immerse yourself in an absolute control with a combination lock! I don't care how you do it! The main thing is that you will suffer, you will be locked away! I will rob you of your only freedom in this difficult time! Haha haha ​​I want you to break down, reach your psychological limits and just beg for your life. You will buy this clip and face your fear! You will make me happy and amuse me more intensely in the time to come! You will of course receive further videos from me as well as instructions and tasks so that you are not completely locked out on your own. So make yourself useful slave! And let the chastity game begin! Hahahaha