Lady Jacky
Well you little, mangy, stupid Jerk Bitch!
Well you little, mangy, stupid Jerk Bitch!

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You really thought that I would let you jerk off classically today and make your long-awaited dream come true? To jerk off with me in dirty talk and get a really, horny, wild and wet jerk off instruction from me? Hahahaha keep dreaming you mutt! But there is still one good thing for you, even if it is the only one for you! You are allowed to jerk off your little stub for me, your perfect goddess, in pain! You read that right! Today you will jerk off your trouser worm painfully! You will get a hot instruction that you have to follow, you will admire me in my brainfucking outfit! You will inject no different under my command and countdown! Well, has your horniness increased? Let's go! Suffer for your goddess!